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Alexander Bay, Eksteenfontein, Kuboes, Lekkersing, Port Nolloth, Sanddrift, Steinkopf

National Parks:
Richtersveld National Park
Richtersveld World Heritage Site

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Diamond Coast Route
Kamieskroon Mountain Route
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South African National Parks
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Richtersveld National Park
Head of Park: Willem Louw
tel: 027 831 1506
fax: 027 831 1175

Tourism Officer (Information)
Jackie Joseph




Impressive rock formations, a profusion of succulents, the 'Halfmense', and profound silence fill the largest proclaimed mountain desert park in southern Africa. Dramatic landscapes with rugged mountain ranges, age-old metamorphosed lava flows and ice-age deposits sweep away inland from the Orange River, where Fish Eagles, Egyptian Geese and Kingfishers enjoy the green riverine vegetation that contrasts so starkly with the desert surrounds.

The Richtersveld National Park now forms part of the the recently declared Richtersveld/Ais-Ais Transfrontier Park. This park will be managed by a joint committee consisting of members of the Ais-Ais Park and Richtersveld Park. A community member from the Richtersveld will also serve on this committee. A pontoon will carry visitors over the Orange River from Rosh Pinah to Sendelingsdrif. Qualified Field Guides can, on prior arrangement, unlock the unique natural and cultural heritage of the Park, and the bigger Richtersveld, and visitors can also take part in traditional cultural experiences, including song, dance, and food, by prior arrangement.

The Orange River winds its way through the canyons of the Richtersveld National Park and with its rapids, offers ideal canoeing and rafting. Swimming and fishing along the river bank are refreshing after another hot day in the Park. Guided hiking trails are operational all year round, although only the very fit should attempt it during the hot and dry months of November to February. If you prefer wheels to your own feet, then mountain biking in this adventurous wild terrain is the perfect alternative (bring your own mountain bike). This mountain desert park also boasts 200km of 4x4 roads, but stick to the fixed trails as this is an eco-sensitive area.


The National Park covers the northern part of the Richtersveld. The most common route used to get to the Richtersveld National Park is from Springbok to Port Nolloth and Alexander Bay. From Alexander Bay a gravel road (94km) takes visitors past Sanddrift to the Sendelingsdrift entrance to the Park. A 4x4 trail connects the Namibian border post at 'Vioolsdrift' with the Park. Vehicles with high ground clearance can follow scenic gravel roads via Lekkersing, Eksteenfontein and Kuboes to Sendelingsdrift, enjoying a breathtaking first impression on the Richtersveld area and its people.


The parks guesthouse on the banks of the Orange River in Sendelingsdrift offers comfortable accommodation, easy access into the Park and breathtaking views across the border into Namibia. Cool down at night in one of the camping sites in Pokkiespram, De Hoop or Richtersberg on the banks of the Orange River, or at De Koei and Kokerboomkloof in the mountains. The huts in the Nama camp at Pokkiespram can also shelter you from the heavy dew that occurs sometimes after nightfall. Brandkaros, Eksteenfontein, Rooiberg, Lekkersing, Sanddrift, and Kuboes offer you unique places to stay overnight if you decide to visit the Park just for a day trip.