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Alexander Bay, Eksteenfontein, Kuboes, Lekkersing, Port Nolloth, Sanddrift, Steinkopf

National Parks:
Richtersveld National Park
Richtersveld World Heritage Site

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Crayfish Route
Diamond Coast Route
Kamieskroon Mountain Route
Hardeveld Route
Nama Route

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Situated in the heart of the Richtersveld, the area of Kuboes is as hot and dry as it is vast. A rugged and remote terrain, neighbouring the Sandveld and coastal plains, it contributes to one of the most attractive and diverse arid wonders in Southern Africa. Fascinating succulents such as the ancient Kokerboom tree share the rocky soils with birds, insects and reptiles. If you are lucky, you might spot an elusive klipspringer, a ground squirrel, a Smith's red rock rabbit, or even a majestic Gompou on the sandy plains.

The locals of Kuboes will show you their traditional Nama dances and Namastap music and take you on a magic ride with their famous story telling. Even if you don't understand Afrikaans or Nama, the stories will carry you away on a journey through ages and wonders, written in the storytellers' faces. They will tell you about the wondergat, a deep and mysterious sinkhole at Cornellskop, where people disappear or return to the surface suddenly aged, with wide open terrified eyes and grey hair. The lovely trail which takes you past the wondergat to the top of Cornellskop, winds its way past a variety of succulents and affords beautiful views of the Richtersveld, the Orange River and dunes of Namibia. Students from Kuboes helped lay out the trail. An old white-washed church, standing out in spectacular contrast to the blue sky, dates back to 1893. Soon to be declared a national monument, it is well worth a visit.

You can explore the wonders of the area step by step, hiking on one of the trails set up around Kuboes. If you prefer to discover nature with a 4x4, demarcated trails have been laid out to offer you a unique experience. If you want to know more about specialised endemic vegetation, the life of a goatherd and the Nama culture, you can arrange for a local guide to take you on an informative tour around Kuboes or into the Richtersveld National Park.


Kuboes, lying on the periphery of the Richtersveld National Park, can be accessed from two roads. It is approximately 70 km from either Alexander Bay or Eksteenfontein to this village.


The Kuboes Guest House, in the heart of the village, offers en suite rooms, a comfortable lounge and self-catering facilities.
Mountain Valley Guesthouse, previously called The 'Plantasie', is a community-run reed-hut campsite that provides an interesting alternative to regular camping. If you give prior notice, the 'matjies'- huts will be assembled and ready for you on arrival. Roomy and cool, these traditional huts will shelter you from the heat of the day and the cold of the night. Barbeque facilities are available at the campsite, but remember to bring water and your own supplies. Traditional delicious home made meals can be prepared for you if pre-arranged.