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Alexander Bay, Eksteenfontein, Kuboes, Lekkersing, Port Nolloth, Sanddrift, Steinkopf

National Parks:
Richtersveld National Park
Richtersveld World Heritage Site

Other Routes:
Crayfish Route
Diamond Coast Route
Kamieskroon Mountain Route
Hardeveld Route
Nama Route

It is highly recommended that you visit the Port Nolloth Museum, the Richtersveld Municipality and the Tourism Information Centres (TICs) in Kuboes and Eksteenfontein:

Kuboes TIC
Lorenza Josop
027 831 2013

Eksteenfontein TIC
Volenti v/d Westhuizen
027 8517108 (tel/fax)

Port Nolloth Museum
027 8518350

Port Nolloth Municipaility
Alta Kotze
027 8511111

Namaqua 4x4 Route
This route criss-crosses the Circle Route and is strictly for 4x4 vehicles:

614km; starts at Pella; ends at Alexander Bay; harsh terrain; some areas extremely desolate; requires careful planning; accommodation along the way; min 2 vehicles per party; camp sites free of charge; From R150 per vehicle excluding accommodation and permits.

Namaqualand District Council
tel: + 27 (0)27 712-2071/2
fax: + 27 (0)27 712-1635




The Circle Route was conceived by the Richtersveld Tourism Association (RTA) as the best way to see as much as possible in a limited amount of time. It follows the natural lay of the land, and the existing road networks, attractions and villages. You don’t need a 4x4 for this route, but remember, the Richtersveld is an emerging tourism destination, so it can be full of unknowns and surprises – hopefully all of them pleasant ones!

The Route starts where you leave the N7 at Steinkopf where there is tourism accommodation and information at Kookfontein, located only a few kilometers north of Steinkopf and next to the N7, an great place to sleep over if time catches you before you set off west along an excellent tar road to Port Nolloth.

Port Nolloth has several excellent restaurants and there is a proposed botanical garden. The Port Nolloth Museum Centre is an interpretation centre for the town and general area. It is located next to the Bedrock Lodge run by Grazia de Beer and a host of helpful ladies.

Traveling north on tar you reach historic Alexander Bay where diamonds have been mined since 1928. The renovated Diggers Camp is the interpretation centre for the mine and the world famous Orange River Mouth Wetland, and houses the Alexander Bay Museum. Do fill up in Alexander Bay as the next fuel is available only at Sanddrift, but only during business hours, and thereafter only at the Richtersveld National Park (RNP).

From Alexander Bay one travels east along the !Gariep (meaning ‘Big River) to the rugged mountains of the Richtersveld. The road can be treacherous but as long as you drive slow and carefully, especially when it is wet, you will be okay. Before Kuboes the road turning to the Richtersveld National Park (RNP) turns off to your left. About 6km further you will see Cornellskop, where a sign to the Wondergat points to the left: the site of a deep sinkhole with cultural significance to the local people. But why not first visit the town of Kuboes where someone at the local Tourism Information Centre (TIC) can tell you everything about the area.

Traveling south from Kuboes you will have the Richtersveld World Heritage Site all the way on your left until you reach Eksteentfontein 1.5 hours later (if you travel without stopping). The TIC in Eksteenfontein can tell you all you may want to know about the World Heritage Site and at the Eksteenfontein Museum Volenti van der Westhuizen will treat you to the compelling history and culture of the area. From Eksteenfontein it is about 80 km on a good dirt road to the main Steinkopf-Port Nolloth Road or, 10km after Eksteenfontein you will find a road turning left to Vioolsdrift that will take you the back way through the World Heritage Site to the !Gariep and then along the river to Vioolsdrift.

Springbok - Steinkopf55km
Steinkopf - Eksteenfontein90km
Eksteenfontein - Kuboes120km
Eksteenfontein - Lekkersing 45km
Eksteenfontein - Port Nolloth 120km
Lekkersing - Kuboes75km
Kuboes - Sanddrift25km
Sanddrift - Alexander Bay45km
Alexander Bay - Port Nolloth 85km
Port Nolloth - Steinkopf90km

Port Nolloth

Bedrock Lodge
Grazia de Beer
027 851 8865

Muisvlak Motel

027 851 8046

Alexander Bay

Chalets, trailers, caravan and camp sites & restaurant
on a citrus farm, 27 km from Alexander Bay.
027 8311856

Richtersveld National Park

South African National Parks
Tel : 012-3431991
Fax : 012-3430905
e-mail :


Mountain Valley Guesthouse
Self catering, camping and nama huts
Meals on request
Johanna Obies: 027 8312363
Katriena de Wet: 027 8311940


Kom Rus n Bietjie
Self -catering or meals can be arranged.
2 x fully equipped cottages next to guesthouse, also available.
Baron v/d Westhuizen: 027 8517108

17 km outside of Eksteenfontein within the
Richtersveld World Heritage Site.
Self-catering or meals can be arranged
Baron v/d Westhuizen: 027 8517108


Kookfontein Rondawels
tel: 027 7218841
fax: 027 7218842

The Municipality also has a list of all accommodation establishments in the area. Just ask for Abuys de Wet, Chairperson of the Richtersveld Tourism Association or Alta Kotze at reception. 7 km outside Port Nolloth, on the road to Alexander Bay is the Muisvlak Motel, a large facility where there is almost always space.