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Alexander Bay, Eksteenfontein, Kuboes, Lekkersing, Port Nolloth, Sanddrift, Steinkopf

National Parks:
Richtersveld National Park
Richtersveld Community Conservancy

Other Routes:
Crayfish Route
Diamond Coast Route
Kamieskroon Mountain Route
Hardeveld Route
Nama Route

For a detailed list of contact details in the Richtersveld, download this pdf file
(24kb) which was compiled by the Eksteenfontein Tourist Information Centre ( )

Port Nolloth

Bedrock Lodge
027 851 8865

Muisvlak Motel

027 851 8046

Sizamile Guesthouse
Ursula Mouton: 027 8517628

//Gami /Goas Guesthouse
Marinda: 0736774014

Alexander Bay

Chalets, trailers, caravan and camp sites & restaurant
on a citrus farm, 27 km from Alexander Bay.
027 8311856

Contact Pieter van Wyk at 027 831 1424 regarding tours and a visit to the Alexander Bay Living Museum

Richtersveld National Park

South African National Parks
Tel : 012-3431991
Fax : 012-3430905
e-mail :


Mountain Valley Guesthouse
Self catering, camping and nama huts
Meals on request
Johanna Obies: 027 8312363
Katriena de Wet: 027 8311940

Tourism Information Centre
Lorenza Josop: 027 831 2013


Kom Rus n Bietjie
Self -catering or meals can be arranged.
2 x fully equipped cottages next to guesthouse, also available.
Volenti : 027 8517108

17 km outside of Eksteenfontein within the
Richtersveld Community Conservancy.
Self-catering or meals can be arranged
Volenti : 027 8517108

Villa Rosa Guesthouse
Self-catering guesthouse, but meals can be provided on prior arrangement.
Maria Joseph: 027 851 7534


Kookfontein Rondawels
Cell: 078 1260808
tel: 027 7218841
fax: 027 7218842

The Municipality also has a list of all accommodation establishments in the area. Just ask for Abuys de Wet, Chairperson of the Richtersveld Tourism Association or Alta Kotze at reception.


The Richtersveld Route beckons the traveler through one of the least known yet most compelling areas in South Africa.

This is a land steeped in legends and mysteries, where dramatic desert landscape and weird rock formations easily trigger the imagination and plays with one’s senses. The biological diversity is matched with cultural richness in this future World Heritage Site that never fails to enthrall even the most widely traveled visitor.

The Richtersveld is located in the arid northwestern corner of South Africa. Its coastal regions are largely prohibited diamond areas flanked by the cold Benguela Current in the west, while the Great !Gariep (Orange River) separates it from Namibia.

It is a combination of the diverse habitats including sandy plains, deep-cut river valleys and mountains, and the life-bearing fog periodically rolling in from the sea that led to the region’s tremendous biodiversity.

The region has a rich mining and missionary history and each local community has a unique composition of indigenous and other populations that are firmly united as a Richtersveld community in the struggle to get back their land back.

Do the Richtersveld Circle Route
The Richtersveld can be seen through a circle route that runs west from the N7 to Port Nolloth, northwards along the coast, inward along the Great !Gariep and back to the N7 through the towns of Kuboes and Eksteenfontein. This route was conceived as the best way to see as much as possible in a limited amount of time.
[ read more ]

World Heritage Site
Some of the most pristine areas of the Richtersveld fall within the spectacular Richtersveld World Heritage Site, an experience no one can afford to miss. Over 160 000 ha in size, the Heritage Site contains unspoiled stretches of the Great !Gariep River, otherworldly geomorphology, unforgettable landscapes and more.
Your visit will benefit the local communities directly. At night when you lie on your back gazing up you will not believe how near the stars are. [ read more ]

Orange River Mouth
The wetland at the mouth of the Orange River forms an important stop over for a great variety of migratory birds and has accordingly been declared a Ramsar site. The endemic Barlow's Lark, a must for any birder, is also found along the riverbanks, along with smooth pebbles and semi-precious stones for rock and gemstone enthusiasts. Unfortunately this wetland is currently under major threat from several sources including reduced flow and desertification, but efforts are underway to restore this wetland. Also of interest are fields of green and orange lichen growing on a hill near the turnoff to Alexander Bay. These lichen fields are soon to be declared a national monument.

Living Museums of the Richtersveld
In a region like the Richtersveld, it is easy to miss the really interesting things. Some wonders lie along near forgotten pathways, others right under your nose, but good as invisible until pointed out. Three museums in the area, in Port Nolloth, Alexander Bay and Eksteenfontein, provide an engaging interface with this world that lies just beneath the seemingly barren surface. From history and old legends, to information on the unusual plants and animals that make an existence in these marginal lands - the local museums bring the Richtersveld to life.


Die Groot Slang, "Heiji Aibib" and a fear of geckos
Be sure not to miss an opportunity to listen to the campfire tales told by the "Grootmense" (old people) - stories which carry you away on a journey through ages and wonders, written in the storytellers' faces. They will tell you about the Wondergat, a deep and mysterious sinkhole at Cornellskop, where people disappear or return to the surface suddenly aged, with wide open terrified eyes and grey hair. "City people" scoff at the legend of the Big Snake, its breath sufficient to knock a large man down, yet almost every explorer that has spent significant time wandering here will tell of some baffling encounter...