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About the Namaqualand Flower Report

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This site is a combined attempt by tourism stakeholders in Namaqualand, South Africa. Our aim will be to compile a comprehensive and ongoing report pertaining to the wildflower phenomenon that occurs in our part of the universe annually and lasts from July to September.  During this time Namaqualand sheds its dowdy disguise and deluges the world with flowers of every hue. Nature discards any pretension of desolate aridity and runs riot with shades and rainbow hues of rich and splendid intensity. When Mother Nature saturates the air with fragrance and the earth with colour, your senses will be assaulted and your soul will be rejuvenated. Too soon the show is over and the freshly-spilled seeds hide, once again, beneath the soil, awaiting the onset of a new year, another winter and the ensuing first drizzle.