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Alexander Bay, Okiep, Port Nolloth, Hondeklip Bay

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Port Nolloth: Bedrock Lodge
027 851 8865

Port Nolloth:Sizamile Guesthouse
Ursula Mouton
027 8517628

Port Nolloth: //Gami /Goas Guesthouse

Port Nolloth: Muisvlak Motel
027 851 8046

Hondeklipbaai: Honnehok Chalets
Attie and Elize Hough
tel: 027 692 3041
fax: 027 692 3022

The Diamond Route has lured geologists, adventurers and fortune seekers for over a century. Some were lucky while the fabulous riches forever avoided others all of their lives.

Many of the gem quality diamonds remain buried deep under the desert sands while other must be dived out of the ice cold waters of the Benguela Current. Along this route you will step into a past that is rich in history, heartache and wayward romance. Just follow the glitter of the “shiny stones”.

Mine tours and museums
The history of the diamond coast is one rich with legends and uncommon heros. Long before the first diamonds were found, a grand scheme had barges shipping mineral ore down the Orange River from the interior, to then be shipped south from the river mouth. Little did these pioneers guess at the incredible riches directly underfoot. In both Port Nolloth and Alexander Bay, the local museums provide an excellent introduction to both the history and natural wonders of this region, with maps, old photos and some truly unusual specimens. Tours of the restricted mining area can also be arranged with a few days' notice.

Orange River Mouth
The wetland at the mouth of the Orange River forms an important stop over for a great variety of migratory birds and has accordingly been declared a Ramsar site. The endemic Barlow's Lark, a must for any birder, is also found along the riverbanks, along with smooth pebbles and semi-precious stones for rock and gemstone enthusiasts. Unfortunately this wetland is currently under major threat from several sources including reduced flow and desertification, but efforts are underway to restore this wetland. Also of interest are fields of green and orange lichen growing on a hill near the turnoff to Alexander Bay. These lichen fields are soon to be declared a national monument.


Proposed Groen Spoeg Park
The proposed coastal park, which stretches for 50 kilometres along the coast, will be situated between the Groen- and Spoeg Rivers in Namaqualand, just south of Hondeklip Bay. This area is an ecologically important tract of land in the Karoo region, encompassing a high number of endemic fauna and flora. It was announced recently that a marine reserve was to be proclaimed between the Groen and Spoeg rivers.

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