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Doring Bay, Ebenhaeser, Elands Bay, Lamberts Bay, Papendorp, Vanrhynsdorp

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Plaaskombuis - farm Steenboksfontein (traditional Sandveld cuisine, seafood meal) Tel 027 432 2720

Bosduifklip - open air/ under roof (traditional, Sandveld & Seafood) Tel 027 432 2735


Scenic Harbour Tel 027 432 1000

House built of Whale Bones at Farm Wadrift Tel 027 432 1000

Sybille Room at the Plaaskombuis, Steenboksfontein - mini museum housing artefacts from war ship HMS Sybille - foundered off the coast on 15-01-1901 Tel 027 432 2720

Sandveld Museum Tel 027 432 1000

Wooden Lock (200+ years old, still in use at Wadrift) Tel 027 432 1000


Brandwag (wild flowers) Tel 027 432 1305

Dassiepoort (wild flowers) Tel 027 432 1017

Tourism Bureau :

Lamberts Bay Tourism
tel: 027 432 1000
fax: 027 432 2335


Lamberts Bay, originally known to Cape travelers as Otterdam, has been a popular stop-over to adventurers, hunters and speculators since the second half of the 17th century. Between the traditional culture of the local fishing community, hundreds of gannets at Bird Island and the variety of waders occupying surrounding wetlands, Lamberts Bay has plenty to offer cultural and natural history enthusiasts.

The town is named after an erstwhile officer in the British Navy, admiral Robert Lambert. British ships visited the bay frequently and in 1901 the Sybille went to ground on the rocks at Steenboksfontein. Remains can still be seen at the local Sandveld Museum.

The Wadrif salt pan, about mid-way between Elandsbaai and Lamberts Bay, is bisected by the Sishen-Saldhana railway line - an obstruction which paradoxically makes a good vantage point from which to scan the bird life, ideally with a telescope. Huge numbers of terns, ducks, flamingos and waders are usually present. Visitors to the pan have recorded a number of interesting rarities, including Pectoral Sandpiper, American Golden Plover and Asiatic Golden Plover.

Lamberts Bay is a popular holiday destination and hums with activity in mid summer. The town is host to a number of annual festivals, including (but not exclusively) the Lamberts Bay Crayfish and Cultural Festival, the Rock Around the Lobster Fly-in (microlight aircraft), crayfish diving and fish spearing competitions and the Crayfish Half Marathon.

It is safe to assume from the event names that Lamberts Bay is a good place to find seafood. There are a number of good restaurants in town, as well as two outdoor eating experiences – enjoy your crayfish West coast style at the Muisbosskerm, or at Bosduifklip.

Lamberts Bay further boasts a 9 hole golf course, 4x4 trail and great hiking opportunities. A long stretch of virtually uninhabited coastline separates Lamberts Bay from Doringbaai. At Wadrift one can also see a 200 year old wooden lock and a house built of whale bones.


Follow the N7 past Piketberg, through the Piekenaarskloof pass at Citrusdal, and at the sign for Clanwilliam turn left on the R364. From here Lamberts Bay is 59kms of good tar. A 27km dirt toll road connects Lamberts Bay to Elandsbaai.


Lamberts Bay is a popular holiday destination and offers an extensive range of accommodation options – from self catering apartments, to hotel and camping. See the contact section on left for more information.