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Doring Bay, Ebenhaeser, Elands Bay, Lamberts Bay, Papendorp, Vanrhynsdorp

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Papendorp Guest House
On higher ground overlooking the mouth of the Olifants River.
Sleeps 8.

Charmaine 0835324497

Ebenhaeser Guest House
Restored old house in peaceful riverside village.
Sleeps 8.

Margie: 0848150526

The Crayfish Route conjures up images of white beaches and old fishing villages where time stood still while the rest of the world moved on.

Here you will find old fashioned hospitality, mouthwatering food that includes the tastiest of all crustaceans known as the West Coast Rock Lobster. Watching the sun set over the blue Atlantic Ocean while sampling wines from the Olifants River Valley, you’ll start to plan your next holiday back here.

Crayfish hiking trail
The West Coast of South Africa between the Berg and Olifants Rivers offers superb hiking and cycling opportunities. The 5 day Crayfish Trail starts in Elandsbaai - one of the few places on the West Coast with mountains, rivers and wetlands, long beaches and snow white dunes. It ends in Ebenhaeser, on the bank of the Olifants river.

The trail is led by knowledgeable local guides, hikers overnight in rustic farm style accommodation and a support vehicle moves luggage and supplies from one stopover to the next. [ see ] ]

Birding at the Verlorenvlei and Olifants River mouth
There are only three perennial estuaries along the west coast of Southern Africa, namely those of the Berg (Verlorenvlei), Olifants and the Orange Rivers. These coastal wetlands are in direct contact with the rich waters of the Benguela, making them highly productive systems relative to their size. Their shallow waters and intertidal habitats are a major breeding ground for many species of invertebrates and fish that in turn provide food for a large number of birds. It is not surprising that these west coast wetlands hold the greatest densities of waders on the entire eastern Atlantic flyway. [ read more ]

Elands Bay caves
Just outside the town of Elands Bay, overlooking the surf, the caves at Bobbejaanberg have produced valuable archeological finds. Excavations found evidence of human habitation as much as 15000 years ago. There are numerous rock paintings here - apart from the remains of a large painting of an eland and a fat-tailed sheep, the rock surface is covered with many red hand prints